Creating Lifetimes of Confident Smiles: One Person at a Time!

Our smile plays a starring role in our lives: It is with us in every interaction, allows us to communicate and build connections, and leaves a lasting impression.

When one’s teeth are healthy and straight, we feel better about appearance, and that boosts our self-esteem. With the change in how we view ourselves, our self-esteem grows and we happily engage with others — confidently sharing our best smile!

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for your child or yourself — if you are ready for a smile that ensures your personality shines — Dr. Bruce McCoy and our team are ready to help!

Why Choose McCoy Orthodontics?

  • Our Doctor: Dr. Bruce McCoy is a skilled orthodontist who uses advanced techniques and technologies to craft radiant smiles. By combining leading-edge processes into a fully individualized treatment plan, Dr. McCoy ensures you achieve an incredible smile: efficiently and comfortably!
  • Our Team: We are a close-knit, friendly team, and committed to delivering exceptional customer service and clinical care. That closeness is reflected in how we run our office, where we make you and your needs our priority. Beyond your oral health and smile dreams, we care about you as a person and are honored by the trust you place in us.
  • Our Approach: Choosing to change your life, or that of your child, through orthodontic treatment is a big decision. It is an investment of your energy and time and requires you to be an active, involved participant. Instead of dictating a particular treatment path, Dr. McCoy and our team will work with you to design a fully customized plan. We will walk you through the recommendations and options, discuss financials and insurance, and plainly answer all your questions. We know the best orthodontic experience, and most incredible results, come from all of us working together!

Beautiful Smiles at Any Age

Today’s advanced orthodontic treatment options enable Dr. McCoy to craft a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile for anyone. Many adult orthodontic treatments, such as clear aligners, are virtually invisible.

If you are an adult who longs for a more confident smile but are hesitant about orthodontics out of concern for your appearance during treatment, we can help!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to meet and speak with you. Please contact our family-focused orthodontic office in Newnan, GA to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. McCoy. No pressure or sales pitch, we promise: simply a frank discussion of your goals and a path to get you to the smile you desire! Please call today!

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